Fact: losing weight is hard work.  It requires a plan, sacrifice and commitment.  It also requires a lot of help. That’s what today’s post is about: starter recipes and meal plans to help you stick to your weight-loss goals.

I’m not offering a 1200-calorie diet or lose 20 pounds in 7 days.  Those are unrealistic.  What I am offering are very good options to help you stay on track during your weight-loss journey.  What follows are the recipes that worked for me.

Before I start, I have a few important tips to share.  

First, keep a half-cup and quarter-cup measuring scoops at the ready at all times.  They will help you measure all of your portions.  Second, get rid of your dinner plates and eat all of your meals from your salad plates.  This is about re-learning portion control.

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the brands listed below.


Mashed Avocado Toast

Cottage Cheese on Toast

Orgain® Protein Shake


Amy’s® organic microwaveable meals

Turkey Spinach Meatballs with Detox Quinoa Salad

Chicken Tenders with Ketchup


Baby Carrots and celery sticks with or without hummus


Turkey Basil Meatloaf

Amy’s® organic microwaveable meals

Sauteed Spinach and Veggie Burger (pick your favorite from the local grocery store)


Slice of cake

Scoop of Halo Top® ice cream

Root Beer Float

Lindt® Truffle balls or chocolate squares

I hope this gives you some healthy options to include in your weekly meal plans.  Let me know what you think of these recipes.  Delicious or bland? Sound off below.

Next up, my favorite workout routines that can be done anywhere!

Stay tuned!

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