I’ll be honest: we are not making gingerbread houses this year.  I’ve never made one in the past and if I do plan one for the future, it’s something that’s going to have to be scheduled into the calendar weeks in advance.

Today’s holiday decorations were all done within an hour total and come within budget around $5-10 each.

Let’s get to it!

Bulb-filled Vase with Pine

If you don’t happen to have a vase lying around your house, you can get one from a discount store like Dollar Tree for around $3.  I got the ribbon from my local 99 cents store for $1 and the Christmas tree ornaments for $4. 

I’m going to redo the ribbon wrap on the vase because my glue gun is currently in storage from my recent move.  In the meantime, the ribbon is scotch taped around the vase and filled with medium-sized round ornaments.  The pine twigs finished off this piece and were a gift from my backyard.

Candle Holder with Ornaments and Pine

This is a floating candle holder that was lying around the house but you can probably get one from the discount store for around $3.  Ornaments were $5 and pine twigs were free.

I cleaned the candle holder, lay lined the pine twigs inside and filled with  Christmas ornaments.  Then I added some more pine twigs around the edges for a more rustic look.

Too easy!

Ribbon Wrapped Gift Boxes

Gift boxes were $1-2 a piece and the ribbon was $1 from the discount store.

Not gonna lie, I’m not the best with tying bows with large ribbon like this, so it took a couple of tries.  But I love the way it turned out!

I can’t wait to show all my work to my 3 year-old nephew when he comes to visit for the holidays.

For over 100 more ideas to inspire you, check out this website here.

Who will you be decorating with? Let me know below how your holiday decoration activities are coming along this year.

Talk soon!

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